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Essential Coaching Program: Career Growth with Purpose

Design Your Own Coaching Business! If you’re still exploring the world of coaching or you're undecided about your coaching niche, the Essential Coach Training Program is for you.

This program is designed for folks looking to lay the foundation for a future coaching practice in a niche yet to be decided. CTEDU’s Essential Coach Training Program offers generalized training that helps coaches hone their craft and fully develop their coaching skill set.

Coaches who choose this training typically fall into one of two categories:

1) They haven’t chosen a coaching niche yet, or

2) Their area of expertise doesn’t fit within the parameters of wellness, academic, or executive coaching. The Essential Coach Training curriculum provides everything you need to build your coaching practice today.

Coaching Training Refined by Over a Decade of Experience.

Since 2009 CTEDU has trained thousands of coached from New York to Dubai in over fifty countries. A few of the organizations that have worked with CTEDU:

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1.0 Essential Coach Training

Course Description

The 1.0 Essential Coach Training Course is ideal for those seeking a straightforward experience of core coaching skills. This training empowers you to design your own unique coaching program to meet the needs of your client base.

This training includes:

  • A 26-week foundational coaching program
  • Weekly synchronous meetings with an ICF-certified trainer
  • Strategies for identifying and expanding upon your coaching niche
  • Coaching skills and tools to coach clients in any coaching niche
  • Strategies for developing a trusted brand
  • Ways to build your confidence when working with clients

Coaches enrolled in the 1.0 course also receive the Business Building Materials: Build Your Life’s Work (Self-Study) as a complimentary bonus.

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What to Expect in the 1.0 Essential Coach Training Course

The class will meet once a week for two hours, at your designated class time. Each class is broken into three main parts:



Each class begins with an open discussion on the coaching topic for that week.

Life Coach Certification Illustration Be Hired


Your trainer will demonstrate how to use the tool or skill being discussed with a volunteer client from class.

Life Coach Certification Illustration Get Confidence


The last portion of class is reserved for practice time, and you will be broken into pairs to practice the coaching tool or skill with a classmate.

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Joeli Kelly

I mainly work with creative freelancers, people in the creative space, who want to push themselves beyond what maybe they think they are capable of.

Joeli Kelly/Transformational Life Coach

Meet the Certification Requirements

There are Four Main Components Required for CTEDU Certification:


1. Coach-Client Overviews

Throughout your training, you will have the opportunity to record yourself with a client and submit it to a PCC-level coach to receive one-on-one feedback to enhance your coaching skills. You will submit three of these overviews across your training.


2. Course Attendance

Your presence in class is not only valuable to your growth as a coach but also to the growth of the other coaches in your cohort. This is why the ICF has high attendance standards for certification. As such, coaches must attend a minimum of 24 of the 26 scheduled training sessions for certification.


3. Coaching Log

A few weeks after your program begins, you'll start coaching with a practice client. (Don't worry, we will give you the tools you need to find one.) You will need a minimum of 10 coaching hours for certification, but we recommend logging as many as you can.


4. Group Mentor Course

Toward the end of the program, you will begin your 8-week Group Mentor Coaching class, enabling you to complete the requirements for certification and helping you to further develop your coaching skills and confidence.

The Proof is in Your Performance

More than 75% of coach training graduates report earning training related income within two months of completing course work.

 Benefits of Earning Your Coach Certification Life Coach Certification Illustration
Take Your Coaching Career to the Next Level 2.0 ADVANCED COACH TRAINING

Take Your Coaching Career to the Next Level


This course is packed with advanced coaching tools and skills to continue to build your credibility and expand your toolbox.

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Christina Dizon

[After years of illness] when I was able to take my physical well-being, and have a plan for what my spiritual and mental and emotional well-being was too, I finally got well.

Christina Dizon/Stress Management & Performance Life Coach

Blog about Life Coaching

Grad story square thumbnail - KZRand

Graduate Stories: Kimberly Zimmerman Rand

Author CTEDU

Coach Training EDU

March 11, 2024

Kimberly Zimmerman Rand is passionate about people living their best lives through household finance. As a consultant, trainer, coach, and Principal at Dragonfly Financial Solutions LLC, she engages her talents to help others deepen their knowledge, develop their skills, and become more confident in their relationship with money. For over 25 years Kimberly has been providing services to professionals and consumers on both live and online platforms. Her superpower is bringing clarity to complex personal finance topics and inspiring people to do great things. Kimberly is an Accredited Financial Counselor® and Professional Certified Essential Life Coach from Coach Training EDU. She is also a Credit as an Asset Master Trainer and a HUD Certified Housing Counselor. Kimberly holds a Master of Social Work in Social and Economic Development and Nonprofit Management from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Colby College.

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Whether you’re new to coaching or already have some coach training, Coach Training EDU’s programs will both challenge and equip you to build the business and career you’re yearning to create.

Participants all over the world rave about the transformative experience both in diving deep into weekly readings and recordings as well as forging friendships with fellow coaches.

If you're passionate about bringing more curiosity, empathy, and personal growth into the world, you're in the right place. We’d love to continue the conversation.

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