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Trainer Highlight | Alejandra Ascenzo

July 23, 2021 by Ashley Scott

Even though I have always been eager to help other people and be part of their journey, I always thought I had to do it from the corporate “right side”. So, I spent most of my twenties trying to open my path into a corporate career, looking for my spot to develop and impact other people in the best way possible.

After 12 years, lots of traveling around Latin America, and lots of learning, I found out that the right path is the one that resonates with your soul. Coaching gave me a new perspective of myself, a new track, and that purpose I was looking for: to impact others in a positive way. Being able to not only coach but also teach brings this purpose to the next level, letting me impact you and help you multiply that impact on your own, and that is what makes my heart burst. 

Learn more from her story below.

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