Graduate Stories: Christina Dizon

October 07, 2020 by Coach Training EDU

Graduate Stories: Christina Dizon

Your journey as a coach will be transformative, fulfilling and take you places you never thought you’d go. Coach Christina is living proof of that.

She discovered coaching after working with a coach at the end of her high school career who had such a profound impact on her she became a business coach. For years, she had her own coaching practice while also working as a wedding photographer then her life took an unexpected turn when life altering health challenges seemed to come out of nowhere. Going through her treatment and coach training at CTEDU is when she made a plan for her physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The combination of prioritizing all these is what led her back to good health and changed her perspective on coaching. 

Realizing the importance and impact that emotional and spiritual health can have on you she transitioned to a Stress Management and Performance coach. She focuses on coaching first-responders to lead with energy, beat stress, create more impact and avoid burnout, after becoming one herself! After shifting coaching perspectives, and reflecting on her own health journey, she’s now writing a book to share and impact others with her unique story. 

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