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Specialist in Wellness & Health Board Programs

Ashley Scott

Ashley is the Associate Provost at CTEDU, a member of the CTEDU Leadership Team, and leads the Coach Success Team. Working from Kansas City, Missouri, she also holds her Wellness Coach Certification.

Specialist in Academic & Executive Programs

Britt Fulmer

Britt is a CTEDU trainer, lead researcher and editor of the CTEDU training materials, a member of the CTEDU Leadership Team, and leads the Writing Team. She is a former researcher and writer for the University of Pennsylvania and still lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Blog about Life Coaching

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Coaching to Flourish #089: Money Narratives and Empathetic Inquiry

Author CTEDU

Coach Training EDU

September 18, 2023

In Coaching to Flourish #089, host Raj Anderson and guest John Andrew Williams continue to explore aspects of our relationships with money: Money as a personal narrative, money as a tool for providing gifts to others, and a necessary inquiry for new coaches and entrepreneurs. Join us to explore your own relationship with money and gain new coaching insights!

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Coaching to Flourish #088 - Coaching the Money Mindset

Author CTEDU

Coach Training EDU

September 08, 2023

In Coaching to Flourish #088, guest host John Andrew Williams brings us on an exploration of the book ‘The Soul of Money’ by Lynne Twist. This book provides a lens through which to investigate our assumptions, the role that money plays in our life, and money’s relationship to broader life narratives. Join us for this lively book club discussion!


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