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Leadership Highlight: Brittany Salsman

January 26, 2021 by Coach Training EDU

Leadership Highlight: Brittany Salsman

Meet Brittany Salsman, CTEDU's Dean of Program Development and Trainer!

She’s the brains behind evolving our training program and is dedicated to finding ways to improve the coaching experience. Brittany spent time working in schools and universities before joining the CTEDU team making her an expert on optimizing the learning experience.

Q: If you could give Mondays a mantra, what would it be?

Brittany: “Since I have shifted out of a traditional work setting with a commute and designated office space, I find myself often losing track of what day it is. Add to this the fact that I love all aspects of my work now and the result is that I wake up every day excited to rock it out. All of this to say, that, for me, Mondays are no different than any other day. More so that my daily mantra would be “let’s do this!”

Q: What is your core motivation style? How does this impact your work?

Brittany: “My core motivation is eight (defender) and, most often, it shows up in the fact that I consider the coach experience in every decision and new program. I often find myself asking, “how will this impact the coach experience? Will it make it even more exceptional? Will it make it more impactful?” Improving on our program in ways that only enhance the coach experience is what I’m after in my role.”

Q: What is your favorite part about being a life coach?

Brittany: “As coaches, we fundamentally believe that our clients are the experts. We are experts in the coaching process, but our clients are the experts on themselves. The most powerful moments are when I see a client step into believing that as well. Believing that they have the seed inside them that will create a life with everything they want in it. All they need to do is water it and nurture it. From this place of agency comes confidence, courage, commitment, and so much more.”

Q: What are you most curious about when talking to new potential coaches?

Brittany: “My favorite question to ask new coaches is, “who do you want to become by the end of this training program?” We often spend a lot of time thinking about what we want to accomplish, but rarely to we think about how we want to develop as individuals. Asking this questions helps coaches consider this growth opportunity in ways they may not have before and also provides insights to me as to how I can support them as their trainer.”

Q: What interests do you have outside of work?

“I have a coaching practice where I help others move from a life on default to a life lived by design. I offer 1-1 coaching, a workbook, monthly workshops, and speaking opportunities. Also, in non-COVID times, I am a full-time traveler. I built out a Ram ProMaster and travel as far as the road will take me in an effort to collect more stories than I have time to share them.”

Q: What is a behind-the-scenes snapshot of your day or life?

Brittany: “I imagine quite exhausting to the outside observer. Haha! Mondays-Thursdays, I am up by 6:30am and I immediately get dressed and sit down at my computer (screw morning routine! Haha!). I do a quick check of my coaching practice email to see if there is anything that needs to be addressed immediately. Then I switch gears to CTEDU work at 7am. Between 7am and 5pm, I am leading courses, developing curriculum, meeting 1-1 with coaches, and constantly looking for ways to enhance the coach experience. At 5pm, I shift into working in my own practice until about 9pm. During this time, I’m in client sessions, developing workshops, promoting my book, and educating myself on the business front. By 9pm, I’m in the shower and I promptly collapse in bed afterwards.

On Fridays, I wake up at the same time, but I work on my own practice until 9am, when I start meeting with clients. I typically meet with clients until about 2pm before creating a shortlist of the things I want to accomplish over the weekend. This list includes projects for my coaching practice, projects at home, personal care, or connecting with friends. After that, I close my laptop for the rest of the day and shift into personal time. During personal time, I might cook or paint or play with my pup or listen to podcasts until I shower and head to bed around 9:30pm.

On Saturdays & Sundays, I don’t set an alarm nor do I stick to a schedule like the rest of the week. I use the list I created on Friday and tap into my current state to choose things that I’m excited to do in that moment. This allows me to feel relaxed and still avoid having couch potato days. :)”

Q: What motivates you each day?

Brittany: “In general, I am motivated by the feeling of accomplishment. More specifically on a daily basis, I have a planner that I use as a to do list rather than a schedule. Each day I have a list tasks to complete and I do not go to bed until they are done. They’re color coded and beautiful and it feels great to cross items off it throughout the day.”

Q: What is your favorite part about being a CTEDU Trainer?

Brittany: “It is such a privilege to be a small part of someone else’s journey towards being a certified life coach. I know it’s impossible for me to single-handedly reach every person in the world, so knowing that I play a role in creating this larger community of support for the world is amazing.”

Q: What is your favorite coaching tool and why?

“My favorite coaching tool is one that I created called “Toward Integration.” I absolutely love it because most of the clients I work with come to me because they feel disconnected from life or feel as though they don’t have direction for themselves. This exercise offers the opportunity to see how seemingly disparate aspects of yourself can integrate toward a larger impact. Every time I use it with clients, it cracks open something deep within that cannot be put back in the box.”

Q: If you could use three words to define your strengths, what would they be?

Brittany: “Consistent, reliable, high-quality”

Questions for Brittany? Let her know in the comments!


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