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It's in the Small Steps

It's in the Small Steps

The Powerful Paragraph

“It is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change.” - Queen Elizabeth II

When we think about the big goals we want to achieve in our lives, we often think about that final step. The grand opening of our business, typing “The End” at the conclusion of a novel, or finishing a major project at work. Some folks may have mastered the importance of setting milestones, and so they look forward to each step of the process being complete: finishing the business website, concluding the next chapter, or holding a meeting with key stakeholders. What we often overlook is the importance of all of the small little things we do on a daily basis to make it to these milestones and ultimately accomplish our goals. Things like sending an email to a potential new client, pondering the intentions of a key character, or perfecting a PowerPoint slide. These small steps, taken with consistency on a daily basis, are the only way to achieve our goals.

The Powerful Question to Ponder

What small step can you take this week toward a milestone or goal?

About powerful paragraph

About Powerful Paragraphs

Designed to mimic coaching questions.

  • Four or five sentences to give a little context and an open-ended question.
  • Start your day with a little boost of inspiration and insight.

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