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How to Set Yourself Apart As a Coach

August 10, 2021 by John Andrew Williams

We’ve heard it over and over from every business guru out there – niche down! While it’s important to identify your specific niche, it can be a challenging thing to actually accomplish. It’s critical, though, as a way to set yourself apart from other life coaches. Instead of trying to be a generalist, consider your own unique story. Each of us arrived at today through a series of unique setbacks, obstacles, celebrations, and successes.

What’s your story? What parts of your story do others relate to or draw inspiration from? This is the foundation, not only of setting yourself apart from other coaches, but in identifying your niche which ultimately drives every other business decision you make – messaging, workshop topics, who to reach out to, who to seek referrals from, website content. Now, what could your niche possibly be? Here are a few examples of routes you could take.

Academic Coach

“How do I help my students succeed?” Any person who has worked with students or young adults has asked themselves this question at one point throughout their career. Cookie-cutter teaching methods aren’t cutting it anymore and new methods are required to engage with students. Academic coaches are specialized in empowering students and young adults with the insights needed to lead impactful lives.

Executive Coach

Great leaders possess skills just as curiosity, empathy and deep listening, these aren’t characteristics usually associated with C-level executives right? That’s where an Executive coach comes in. They facilitate self-discovery and help business leaders boost productivity while fostering a culture of growth and creativity.

Wellness Coach

Health & Wellness has taken the back seat in people’s lives for a very long time and wellness coaching actively works to change that. Wellness coaches help clients clarify life goals and make positive changes towards living healthy and sustainable lifestyles. There are many niches within Wellness coaching such as self-care, self-compassion, and nutrition, just to name a few. This niche is revolutionizing the way people think about health and wellness by supporting people as they make it a priority in their everyday lives.

Your story is what sets you apart, not a cool website or a specific program offering or who you work with. When you can fully leverage your story as a way to connect with others, setting yourself apart and getting clients that you can truly impact will come easy.  The ability to show potential clients how continual exploration and growth has impacted your journey, will demonstrate the benefits of coaching as well  why they should work with you.

Learn about how CTEDU Coach, Roshaunda Cade used her Academic Coach Certification to establish her niche as a writing coach.

Roshaunda Cade

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