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How Life Coaching Skills Can Improve your Personal Relationships

August 03, 2021 by Brittany Salsman

How Life Coaching Skills can Improve your Personal Relationships

The skills you learn as a life coach aren’t only beneficial for your career but they also can serve to improve your personal relationships. The foundational skills that make for a successful life coach are the same that can create meaningful personal relationships. There are two major components of life coaching that can have a profound impact on personal relationships: listening and curiosity.


Listening sounds easy, but truly listening is a skill that has to be mastered. Listening from a place where you can imagine what the other person might be experiencing, not through the lens of your own experiences and background, but through the lens of their experiences and their background, creates a space of deep empathy.

When you’re able to tap into this place of deep empathy, you’re able to connect with the other person in a way that helps them feel safe and heard. It’s taking it a step beyond putting yourself in their shoes, to truly imagining and getting curious about what it is like for them to be in their shoes. These are the factors that make for a great listener.


By adding our powerful questions to that deep level of listening, we open up the relationship to endless possibilities. It is no longer about from where we came or how our paths merged, but rather it’s about what we might create together moving forward. This truly curious partnership lays the foundation for an immensely meaningful future both individually and together.

A major component of coaching is to constantly remaining curious about what the client wants. The questions you ask show your genuine interest in your client’s progress while creating an emotional bond. How we listen and remain curious has a profound effect on the depth and the continued evolution of our relationships. A life coach certification can advance your career, but it can also improve your personal relationships.

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