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Embracing Your Weird

Embracing Your Weird

The Powerful Paragraph

It wasn’t until I got into my thirties that I really started to settle into myself. Instead of being worried about how my quirks might come off to others, I started to lean into my quirkiness. And the more I leaned into that side of myself, the more I started to feel like myself. This not only led to an increase in happiness, but it made me feel more worthy of the goals I had set for myself. Embracing our weird isn’t just a way to stop worrying about what others think, it’s an important aspect of our mental health.

The Powerful Question to Ponder

How can you embrace your weird?

About powerful paragraph

About Powerful Paragraphs

Designed to mimic coaching questions.

  • Four or five sentences to give a little context and an open-ended question.
  • Start your day with a little boost of inspiration and insight.

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