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Resiliency Through Coaching Tools with Hayden Lee - Resiliency Series

March 26, 2020 by John Andrew Williams

We’ve been deeply inspired and uplifted by the way we’re seeing the CTEDU community and people around the world support and care for one another at this time. Here at CTEDU, we’ve come together to provide more opportunities to connect, heal, and grow. Join us online for our upcoming free live webinars and events hosted by CTEDU trainers and graduates who are sharing their time and talents to inspire, connect, and raise others up. Sign up for our Resiliency Series by clicking the link in our bio, or by visiting www.coachtrainingedu.com/about/events In our first episode, John Andrew Williams and Hayden Lee discuss coaching tools to build resiliency in your clients and yourself.

What takeaways do you have from Hayden and John’s conversation? What questions arise for you?

Or – Have an idea for a webinar or topic you want to see discussed? Share your ideas in the comments!

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