Capturing Awe

Capturing Awe

The Powerful Paragraph

Awe is one of those rare emotions that is packed with benefits for our mental and physical health. It can improve our mood, sharpen our thinking, and even make us feel a deeper sense of humility. Yet, with all of the benefits, awe is often defined as an emotion that occurs spontaneously. You’re walking past a violinist in the city whose rendition of a classical ballad moves you or you happen to witness a great act of charity. These moments are difficult, if not impossible, to plan. Yet, there are other ways to capture awe on a smaller scale. For me, it’s music. There are a select few songs that can bring me to tears just about every time I hear them. For others, it’s a famous piece of artwork or their favorite poem or a photo of something marvelous. Whatever it is, bringing that thing to the forefront of our minds can elicit the benefits of awe.

The Powerful Question to Ponder

How can you incorporate awe into your day?

About powerful paragraph

About Powerful Paragraphs

Designed to mimic coaching questions.

  • Four or five sentences to give a little context and an open-ended question.
  • Start your day with a little boost of inspiration and insight.

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