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The Moment that Started Coach Training EDU

A Belief that Coaching Will Change the World is Woven into the Fabric of CTEDU

We’ve bootstrapped and built CTEDU from the ground up, motivated by the belief that coaching, as advanced by the Executive and Wellness Coaching fields, is going to be the future of education.

I still remember my takeaways from my first coaching session. Amois (pronounced A-moyce) was going through a weekend life coach training course, and I volunteered to be a practice client for one of her classmates. 

Even during that coaching session, I remember wondering why I didn’t have conversations like this earlier in my life. And we were 22, both fresh out of Brown University undergrad. I was in my first year teaching Latin to high schoolers. 

Within a few years, we both got trained. (And married!) Within five years I built an independent coaching practice of over 40 current clients. (I’ve worked with over 500 clients in my career.) 2009 was a milestone year. I developed a training program, started writing my first book Future-Proofed, and was a columnist for Newsweek Education Online.

I mostly worked with students but I also worked as an executive coach. I quickly realized that the innovation of coaching in the executive field is going to serve as the foundation for the evolution of the way we work, learn, and approach health. 

And now, over twenty years after that fateful weekend, we’re still working hard so that more people have access to the life changing experience of working with a skilled coach. Woven into the fabric of CTEDU is a belief and commitment that coaching concepts will change the world. 

It’s an honor and a blessing to work in such a fulfilling field. Thank you for your interest in the field and in Coach Training EDU. 

Yours in coaching,


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