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Executive Self Study

Designed for aspiring executive coaches and professionals in the corporate field, the Executive Coach Training specialization add-on combines core life coaching skills with an in-depth exploration of executive coaching topics. Topics range from strategic leadership to conflict resolution and organizational effectiveness.

As a self-paced program, this serves as a complement to the 1.0 Essential Life Coaching Course. It equips you with essential life coaching skills while providing the executive knowledge to guide your clients effectively in their executive careers.

Although designed for self-paced learning, CTEDU suggests beginning the Executive specialization after completing Week 8 of the 1.0 Essential Course. 

Course Format and Requirements

Self-paced course 

While this course is self-paced, each session consists of three parts: Executive information, a case study, and a knowledge check. It’s important to read through the content before attempting the case study and knowledge check. 

Your case study assessment and knowledge check answers are required for course completion.  

Throughout the Executive Self Study, you will be asked to complete brief knowledge checks at the end of each session. These knowledge checks will count toward your Executive Self Study attendance. Because the Executive Self Study is self-paced, all sessions must be completed for executive certification.

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