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For general questions, deciding between programs, and answering questions about logistics, the Enrollment Advisors at CTEDU Admissions are the ones to call. They can direct you to the resources to help answer questions about CTEDU and your coach training experience.

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Enrollment Team Members

Trainer Andrew Dormus

Andrew Hock

Director of Admissions

Andrew is the Director of Admissions for CTEDU and is dedicated to helping potential coaching student’s determine the program and courses that will assist them in reaching their dreams and goals while bringing them closer to doing their life’s work.

Trainer Britt Fulmer

Britt Fulmer

Specialist in Academic & Executive Programs

Britt is a CTEDU trainer, lead researcher and editor of the CTEDU training materials, a member of the CTEDU Leadership Team, and leads the Writing Team. She is a former researcher and writer for the University of Pennsylvania and still lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Trainer Ashley Scott

Ashley Scott

Specialist in Wellness & Health Board Programs

Ashley is the Associate Provost at CTEDU, a member of the CTEDU Leadership Team, and leads the Coach Success Team. Working from Kansas City, Missouri, she also holds her Wellness Coach Certification.

Trainer Ale Ascenzo

Ale Ascenzo

Specialist in Executive & Spanish Programs

Ale is a CTEDU trainer, a member of the CTEDU Leadership Team, and leads the Creative Team.

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To provide life coach training that changes lives, launches careers, and promotes human flourishing.

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