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About LouAnne Metzger

I work with school leaders who yearn to fulfill their calling yet struggle to feel valued, heard, and appreciated.

United States

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About Me

LouAnne’s ikigai is empowering and liberating educators. Drawing on her 33 years as a teacher and administrator, she partners with K-12 school-based leaders to meet an urgent need we have right now - that of lifting up and empowering educators to do the work they are called to do. Together, LouAnne and her clients navigate the complexities of education and embrace their true selves to live enriched, meaningful, and purpose filled personal and professional lives. LouAnne earned her Associate Coach Credential in 2023 from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She firmly believes that to build a kinder, sustainable, and more equitable future, we must prioritize the wellbeing of the adults who serve our kids. Beyond coaching, she finds joy in oyster farming, hiking, and preparing slow food for her family.

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A member of the CTEDU directory since April 2024

LouAnne Metzger speaks English


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