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About Elyse Cathrea

Are you ready to come back home to yourself?


  • Wellness
  • Associate CTEDU

About Me

I am a certified Wellness Coach, Somatic Embodiment Practitioner, Intuitive reader and Yoga & Meditation Instructor. I support my clients in moving from a state of chronic stress, feeling overwhelmed and disconnected (both from themselves and their life), towards healing, regulating, finding alignment, and ultimately coming back home to who they truly are and what they truly desire. Using a mind/body/spirit approach, I support you in guiding yourself back home through asking powerful quesitons, somatic embodiment techniques and nervous system healing, awareness and processing of mental/emotional blocks, and reconnecting with their spirit and deepest sense of self.

Offers Coaching

  • By Skype / Zoom

A member of the CTEDU directory since November 2023

Elyse Cathrea speaks English


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