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About Desirai Svetcov

Leaders need an unbiased coach to help them navigate the business world.

United States

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About Me

With my 13+ years of continual progress in management and diverse background, I can help guide you to self-realizations by challenging perceptions, reframing ways of thinking, providing thought-provoking questions, and taking you from a place of neutrality to positivity. I am a Certified Executive Coach through Coach Training EDU, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification program, which has afforded me countless hours of applied coaching and collaboration with an amazing network of coaches. At my "day job", I have been a leader, mentor, and career coach for over nine years. I thrive in a role where I have the opportunity to teach, guide, challenge, and help people explore their own career paths. I have helped coach individuals through Performance Improvement Plans to a happy and healthy future. I have helped recently-promoted individuals adjust to their new roles and expectations. I have even had the honor, in different workplaces, of helping more senior leaders brainstorm their strategies for managing staff. As a professional, I specialize in project management, departmental transformations, and actionable roadmaps. I am organized, creative, and great at simplifying complex systems into visuals and frameworks. I have been involved in many sizes and types of team and organizational dynamics including nonprofits, startups, and Fortune 100 corporations. I've attended numerous leadership training courses and learned methodologies such as DiSC, Positive Intelligence, Meyers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, and even how to use the 5 Love Languages at work. I also study behavioral psychology, how to have difficult conversations, and how to understand various people's backgrounds (trauma related, motivational preferences, culture, etc.) to be more compassionate and inclusive. My coaching sessions utilize professional, accredited tools to accelerate self-development, level up authenticity and authority, and help you make confident decisions. Unlike most conversations you have, as your coach, I will listen empathetically to you and focus on your being, growth, and actionable takeaways. And unlike managing your self-development on your own, as your coach, I will facilitate progress, help with accountability, and provide unbiased space for self-exploration. ​ You don't have to tackle big responsibilities or big life events alone. You can be heard through working with me, and the best version of YOU can thrive.

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A member of the CTEDU directory since November 2023

Desirai Svetcov speaks English


  • desirai3@gmail.com

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