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About Creating Positive Futures

We help students earn better grades with less stress.

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  • Academic
  • ADHD, Executive Functioning
  • Professional ICF

About Me

Our coaching programs are specifically designed to help students earn better grades with less stress by creating effective habits that will set them up for success…both now and in the future. By creating personal relationships with our students and meeting with them on an individual basis, we are able to specifically focus our sessions on the skills that are most important for them to develop, and customize our strategies to fit their unique personality, needs, and goals. Our coaching approach is designed to go beyond teaching skills to address students’ mindset and motivation as well, because as any parent of a teenager knows, simply telling students what to do isn’t enough…if they don’t want to do it, they’re not going to follow through. That’s why our coaching process is specifically designed to create buy-in and accountability, so students actually enjoy coming to sessions and feel motivated to learn and apply new skills because they can see how these strategies will help them reach their goals.

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