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About Andrew Barcenas

Building relationships springing wellness and joy. Empowering leaders to be who and where they want to be.

United States

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About Me

Andrew has a diverse background empowering his coaching skillset. He's worked in pastoral ministry, a hospital chaplaincy, organizational leadership, and has higher education degrees in Health Science and Theology. Given this background, Andrew excels at leveraging one's spirituality and belief systems to strive for deeper change and elevate overall well-being and accelerate leadership and relationship goals. Currently, Andrew is writing a relationship coaching book to give aid to the relationship crisis happening in America. If you are in or have friends in the dating field, you probably already understand what that means. Overall, Andrew's mission is to inspire holistic leadership and grow healthier and happier relationships. This leads to healthier organizations and healthier individuals and families passing down a legacy and culture shaped by love, leading to healthier communities, and overall a society springing wellness.

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A member of the CTEDU directory since November 2023

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