Health Coach Certification: The Process

Health and wellness coaching is one arm of life coaching that enables coaches to participate in the physical and mental health journeys of their clients.

There are two primary ways health and wellness coaches utilize their skills and certifications, and CTEDU provides a solid foundation for each of these paths.

  • Independent practice
  • Corporate wellness coaching

Getting certified as a Health and Wellness Coach is an incredible way to add another layer of credibility to your life coach training. At Coach Training EDU, we have developed a specialized program just for coaches seeking Health Board Certification, and it consists of three parts: 

1. CTEDU 1.0 Wellness Life Coach Training 

In this 24-session course, you learn the foundational skills required for any coach to have a successful coaching career. This course combines ICF-accredited training with tools and exercises designed exclusively for clients hoping to focus on their health and wellness. By the time you complete this program, you will have mastered the art of designing an alliance, developed a stronger sense of trust in yourself and the process, and learned how to implement wellness tools into your coaching practice. 

2. CTEDU 2.0 Advanced Coach Training 

During our 24-session 2.0 program, you will dive deeper into the research behind our coaching skills and tools, and learn to empower your client through self-awareness and well-designed accountability. This advanced course offers you the opportunity to develop your own coaching tools and hone your coaching skills to that of an expert. 

3. Health and Wellness Coach Training Program

Finally, our 16-session Wellness Life Coach Training covers every requirement outlined by the National Health Board. In this program, you will focus on holistic well-being, covering everything from healthy eating to chronic disease management. The goal of this program is to prepare you for clients who may have a wide variety of coaching needs, and your knowledge in these topics will be essential to their success.

All three of these programs offers the following: 

  • Specific tools for coaching around health and wellness success.
  • Opportunities to practice these skills and tools through coaching your classmates and being coached by your classmates.
  • Tips and tricks for building a successful coaching business.

After you complete the 1.0 program, you’re able to pursue both our 2.0 program and Wellness Life Coach training courses simultaneously, achieving the completion of all three programs in as little as 12 months. This enables health and wellness coaches to shorten their total training time by 4 months. 

After successfully completing this training, you are eligible to take the National Health Board examination. This certification means that select insurance carriers will reimburse your clients for your services. Once you’re certified, you’re more than prepared to kick off your personal health and wellness coach training practice or join a corporate environment. You may even discover one of the many other creative ways to implement your training in order to make the world a better place.



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