The tipping point of emotion

The tipping point of emotion Sometimes we get lucky. An outside event goes our way. But sometimes that tipping point of emotion comes from inside. An insight changes the game and offers a new [...]

I’m just going to do it.

I remember a high school wrestling match where I was losing by a few points about halfway through the match. I was having a hard time earning an escape, and my frustration was starting to build. [...]

Limitless Potential

Happy Monday Motivation! A link to my latest IG post inspired by CTE trainer Lindsay Helm at our 2016 Coaching Conference:

Blaze New Trails

Coach training has the potential of transforming your life and your relationships and taking everything to the next level.

Finding Flow on the Road

Amois Williams shares what it has been like to find flow over the last 6 months of the #doyourlifeswork tour, in her latest post about the Williams' family travels.

Do the Crazy Thing

See what founders of Coach Training EDU, John and Amois Williams, have been up to over the last 6 months, in their latest Do Your Life's Work installment.

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