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Yoga with Amanda Keltz

April 30, 2020 by John Andrew Williams

Join CTEDU Coach in Training Amanda Keltz as she leads us through a meditative yoga session.

We all have been exposed to the knowledge of mind-body connection by now to some degree. While some may not have had first hand experience of this, it is a universal truth that needs to be talked about and encouraged to explored. Through movement within our body, breathing into the present, and connecting our emotional experience with our physical, this class invites you to allow the healing to take place in a safe space. We will be moving through a 30 minute practice that let’s us drop into the body and connect with our emotions together, and then we will have about 15-20 minutes of asking questions and sharing our experiences in a way where we can feel safe to show up vulnerable and empowered to speak our truth. 

About Amanda:

Amanda is a registered 200 hr yoga teacher who is also pursuing her wellness coach certification. Having spent time traveling abroad, she developed a deeper passion for connecting with like-minded communities and facilitating conversation around mindfulness, connection, and authenticity. Her goal is to integrate breathwork, yoga, and coaching into a fluid practice where participants are able to have move, release, heal, and most of all be able to share their experience and learn more about themselves through that process.

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Watch the introduction to Amanda’s yoga class here:

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