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Workshop replay: Mapping and Shifting the Nervous System with the Client, with Ellen Gilbert

August 15, 2023 by Coach Training EDU

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How does the nervous system overlap with coaching? In this workshop, Coach Ellen Gilbert will walk you through how to partner with the client to map and shift their nervous system. 

The nervous system informs so much of our experience in the present moment, and when paired with powerful questioning can bring greater insight and transformation for the client. Combining polyvagal theory, fascia training, and self-touch techniques, Ellen will teach you and guide you in exploring the shifts for yourself! You will leave this workshop with an understanding of the nervous system and a trauma-informed approach for partnering with your coaching clients to map and shift their nervous systems out of frozen or activated states into a state of attuned wellbeing.

Ellen Gilbert is a sacred feminine leadership coach helping women expand to their soul's potential and lead the life they came here to live. She holds a master’s in international development from The New School, a wellness coaching certificate from Coach Training EDU, and is a 200-hour yoga teacher. Ellen partners with her clients to envision boldly, embody worthiness, align with their mission, and act with intention.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What the nervous system is and how it affects our experience
  • Why the nervous system is important for the coach-client relationship
  • Tactics for mapping the state of the nervous system in a coaching session
  • Exercises for actively shifting the nervous system

Potent questions explored in this workshop are: 

  • How do your clients show up to sessions and how does their energy impact the session quality?
  • How do you notice your own nervous system state impacting your client sessions?

What were your main insights from this workshop? What other coaching topics would you like us to feature in upcoming workshops? Let us know in the comments below.

_____________________ Coach-led workshops are developed independently of Coach Training EDU. The views and opinions expressed in the workshop belong to the speaker and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of CTEDU.

You can find out more about Ellen and her work by following her on instagram: @ellensgilbert

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