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Workshop replay: Listen-Write-Speak Meditation with Roshaunda Cade

August 23, 2023 by Coach Training EDU

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How can we develop our toolkit for developing mindfulness and finding stillness with coaching clients? 

Meditation is a practice that helps us find focus and stillness, and it can happen in a variety of ways. In this workshop replay, with our host and Life Coach Roshaunda Cade, you will discover how reading, listening, writing, and speaking are ways to approach focus and stillness. Through different affirmation practices and engaging all of the senses, this workshop will expose you to new meditation and mindfulness techniques that can be valuable tools for both yourself and clients. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Different methods for meditation and finding focus
  • 4 different practices as client tools and for use in your own life
  • The power of repetition, affirmations, and engaging the senses

Each exercise engages the senses in different ways and has significant cognitive impacts:

  • Reading something over and over has almost the same effect as living it, and it helps you create a visual imprint or memory of what you've read.
  • Listening to someone read can better help you replace negative thoughts with what you're hearing. It gives you increased emotional engagement with what is being read, and it gives you the feeling of total and complete immersion.
  • Writing by hand is a powerful tool for being present with our thoughts.
  • Speaking or reading aloud can improve your memory. It's called the production effect. You are producing the words with your mouth as you say them, which creates a memory, and for most of us, creating a memory solidifies imagery and it becomes something we can draw back on. Reading aloud is a very powerful tool.

Roshaunda Cade is a CTEDU graduate and an Executive Life Coach, Education Consultant, and Writing Coach. As an education innovator, she is the founder of Life, Education, Literature, & Arts (LELA) House, a space for coaching and community and a way to care for educators and creatives who want to discover their next steps.  Roshaunda has led a number of large-scale initiatives in innovative university settings, and speaks and teaches on a variety of inspirational and writing topics.


Coach-led workshops are developed independently of Coach Training EDU. The views and opinions expressed in the workshop belong to the speaker and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of CTEDU.

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