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Workshop replay: Identifying the Inner Critic with Tesha Crockett-Gibson

August 03, 2023 by Coach Training EDU

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Do you ever hear a voice telling you that you are not good enough, not educated enough, or even an imposter? We all have an inner critic, which often aids us in our growth and development. However, if that inner critic is negative, it can make our achievements feel conditional and temporary. It can cause anxiety and stress that can undermine our self-esteem and sabotage our goals. 

In this workshop, we use strategies to help understand, combat, and even befriend that inner critic. Workshop host Tesha Crockett-Gibson provides tools and resources to help identify your “inner critic,” overcome unhealthy self-talk, and improve mental resilience to open yourself to new opportunities and stretch yourself beyond what you feel is possible.

Main sections of this workshop:

  • Definition of the inner critic and where it originates
  • How to understand it, combat it, and befriend it
  • Practical strategies to use in everyday life to navigate your own inner critic

Main takeaways:

  • Once you learn to recognize your inner critic, you can develop skills to befriend it or silence it. The big thing is to keep it from going rogue.
  • When you start to notice what your inner critic is saying, you can then see what patterns of emotions arise and recognize what it is that your inner critic is keeping you from.
  • We can use tools to separate ourselves from our inner critic; give the critic a name and personality, question and challenge the truth of what it’s saying, use awareness to recognize external triggers, and focus on our own big-picture goals.
  • Accept that the inner critic may always have times of coming in and out of our lives; by using self-compassion, mindful awareness, and other tools such as journaling, we can empower ourselves and transform our own inner critic experience.

What were your main insights from this workshop? What other coaching topics would you like us to feature in upcoming workshops? Let us know in the comments below.

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