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The Healing Power of Breathwork with Katie Schomberg

April 23, 2020 by John Andrew Williams

Breathwork found me a little over a year ago. I remember finding my teacher’s books and weeping because I “knew” this medicine was calling me. Calling me not only to continue my personal healing, but calling me because I knew I was meant to share its wisdom. The wisdom that is literally thousands of years old, coming together in an inhale-inhale-exhale. This practice is simple, yet so potent. It lifts the “life layers” as I like to call them, allowing you to immediately feel more expansion in your body.

This expanse feels like freedom. It feels like lightness and clarity. It feels like releasing and returning home. It feels like trust and true love. I believe our soul-lands every time we finish breathing together, which = pure embodiment. I have never experienced anything quite like this particular breathwork healing, and yet, it was as if my body, heart, mind, spirit knew I had been there many times before. This beautiful rebirthing practice is needed>>always, but especially now. Right NOW we are being called to go through. We cannot bypass any longer because WE are being forced into stillness. Everything is surfacing and it can feel like crazy chaotic fear…but this practice invites you to step in.

This practice feels like a safe-healing-container of truth and peace. I believe your body already knows what you need. It’s time to trust that knowing and join me.

Who can practice?

Everyone is welcome in the online space.

What is breathwork?

This breathwork practice is an active-meditation that encourages your body to relax and your thinking mind (aka…your conscious mind) to become still, enabling access to your subconscious. This space within each of us, holds old patterns, habits, and belief systems that are keeping us stuck. When we can bring awareness to this part of our being, via this somatic release, healing happens and we begin to feel lighter, clearer, and free. This energetic shift takes place  automatically when we practice breathwork. Each of us has a beautiful innate wisdom that’s capable of ushering healing into our lives. When can you practice? This can be done on your own or you can practice with me in any of my online breathwork class offerings.

Where can you practice?

This practice is done lying down, so finding a safe-comfortable place, where you can freely release emotions is a must. I recommend having a blanket, and if you have access to an eye-pillow and river stones/crystals (to hold in your hands) that’s always helpful – but not needed.

How can you practice?

Join me in any of my online breathwork classes. Starting in May, I will be offering RE-spire, a regular online breathwork class that meets 3 Wednesdays out of every month at 7PM EST.

More details coming soon.

“Breath is Spirit. The act of breathing is Living.” — UNKNOWN

Connect more with Katie by visiting her website Rosewater Healer.

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