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The Entrepreneurial Journey with Noah Greenwald

December 11, 2020 by Coach Training EDU

The Entrepreneurial Journey with Noah Greenwald

Noah has a long career as an entrepreneur. He began this journey as Noah and The Man,  a Billboard and Beatport charting music producer, big-room DJ, commercial composer, and sound designer.  His work has been featured in numerous worldwide and international ad campaigns and has received millions of streams throughout the various social media platforms.

Now, he runs a growing coach practice, is a found partner of Telunity, a consulting and coaching company serving the telecom industry, and Dorian gre, a content marketing consultancy serving highly successful small businesses and sole proprietors.

An ICF ACC and CTEDU Certified Executive Coach, Noah serves clients in gaming, tech, and esports. His coaching style flows from an innovative approach that is powerfully empathetic and balanced focusing on clients who want to gain confidence and maximize the impact of their leadership and influence.

Watch his interview below!

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On Instagram: @noahgreenwaldla

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