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Stepping into your Purpose with Gabrielle Matthews

March 05, 2021 by Coach Training EDU

Stepping into your Purpose with Gabrielle Matthews

Stepping into your Purpose

Gabrielle Matthews, CTEDU Certified Executive Life Coach, stepped into her purpose and is passionate about helping you do the same. She became a coach with the aim of using her gifts to help people in a polished, professional way.

What Drew her to Coaching

“I was kind of the go-to girl growing up for advice and anything like relationships like family, like people would always ask me like, what do you think and I would never have a problem  sharing my insight and they would always come back and keep coming back to me.”

She found that she was truly making a difference in how people went about their lives. When she began pursuing her career she worked in sales, hospitality and the beauty industry. She was surprised by the reactions she’d get from people she was managing when she took the time to connect with them. She’d get questions like, “Are you a philosopher?” Or comments like, “You should write a book.” 

Gabrielle said, “I guess that was kind of those little nuggets for me showing me that you what you have to say is valuable. Your message is very valuable to people it may not be that valuable to you, but it’s very valuable to other people and that was really important to me because growing up I was like, I want to make sure that I could stand out. I was very serious about being authentic.”

After coming to this realization, she wanted to find ways to step into her purpose.  She reflected on her values and purpose asking important questions like:

What’s my thing?

What do I care about?

What am I effective at?

After taking a Human Development class at Auburn University, she fell in love with why and how. Gabrielle believes people are the way they are and the idea that no one person is designed to be alike or a specific way which led her to coaching.

Thoughts on Life Coaching

“So I did take that life and executive coach training and it was amazing. I love everything that I learned about leadership and what I learned about pulling things out of people.

I feel like I learned a lot about wisdom and I learn a lot more about myself and I really realized that coaching people and helping people be better than what they are now is definitely my calling.”

Combined with major life lessons, heart-centered spirituality and excellent leadership skills, she’s been able to lead and impact people from all walks of life. She doesn’t think anyone’s life has to be less than fulfilling and personally successful nor should it represent anything short of greatness and pride. It’s just a matter of the bold choices we are willing to make for ourselves.

Watch Gabrielle’s entire interview with John Andrew Williams, CTEDU President, below!

Connect with Gabrielle

On Instagram: @lifecoachgabrielle

On her website: www.iconcoachstudio.com

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