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Setting Reminders Demonstration

September 25, 2017 by John Andrew Williams

Taking Action Deeper

One of my favorite sayings in coaching is that coaches do not take agendas or action steps at face value. Instead, when setting an agenda for a session, a coach helps the client dig under the surface of their initial topic. In a similar way, coaches help clients take action steps and make them more meaningful and doable.

Here at Coach Training EDU, we train coaches to help their clients walk away with more from their coaching sessions. One tool we use is called “Setting Reminders.” This process is also known as dropping anchors. The theory behind this tool is that human behavior is influenced by triggers and rewards. These triggers and rewards then act as the foundation to habit formation. In order to create new behaviors, it is helpful to develop new triggers that signal a moment to make a new choice.

Many coaching clients focus their coaching experience on building new systems and habits. They are wanting to find new ones to help them achieve their goals and grow personally. Therefore, setting reminders (establishing new triggers) can be a helpful addition to any given action step.

How to Set Reminders

Setting a reminder can feel a bit “out on a limb” for a client if they are unfamiliar with this type of tool. This means that the process of setting a reminder requires a great amount of trust between the coach and client. Also, a coach needs to have experienced what it is like to set a reminder themselves. This will ensure that their confidence in the process is well established.

Below is a video from a training session, demonstrating how setting a reminder fits into a coaching session.

This video was shared with permission from the class participants, including the coach-in-training who was the client in this demonstration.

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