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Restorative Yoga with Alejandra Arguindegui - Resiliency Series

April 14, 2020 by John Andrew Williams

Join us in a live, interactive Restorative Yoga session with Casa Yoga instructor Alejandra Arguindegui!

About Alejandra Arguindegui:

Alejandra has been a student of YOGA since she was a young child. Exposed to yoga by her grandmother, Dorothy Longoria, Alejandra immediately fell in love with the spiritual side of yoga. Her grandmother continues to inspire her to see the connection between all things and to stay firmly grounded in constant gratitude. Alejandra’s father also pursued similar quests in wellness by founding CASA de LUZ in Austin, Texas in the late 80’s. Alejandra admired her father’s work and was inspired to follow in his footsteps to help the community find healthier ways of living. Alejandra has studied with some of the most well known yoga master’s as well as some of the hidden jewels.

She honors all her teachers for giving her the ability to recognize that God is in everything and that YOGA is an illuminating path to joy, oneness and self realization. She also honors her students who inspire her to live from her highest self. Because of them she goes home at the end of the day a better person. Her greatest devotion is to her 3 beautiful children and supportive husband whom she indulges in over quiet weekends. Favorite past times are to watch movies with her family, read books, cook, travel and cuddle with her dog Koki.

For more information on Alejandra and her Yoga Studio Casa Yoga, you can visit her website. 

Follow Alejandra on Social Media:@myyogalife360@casayoga

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