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Remote Work Guidance

April 09, 2020 by John Andrew Williams

Remote Work Guidance

Remote Work Guidance

With the sudden shift to virtual spaces due to the global pandemic, more people than ever are finding themselves working from home. The art of working from home can be a difficult space to navigate. It requires a great deal of self motivation and grace. We asked our community of coaches and coaches in training for their insight on what helps their productivity when working from home. 

Stick to a Routine. 

Keep a normal routine if you can! Wake up at the same time every day, as if you had somewhere to be. Eat breakfast each morning, and take a lunch. Having a set routine or ritual helps with productivity and anxiety.

Be sure to get in daily movement and exercise.

Having daily movement when working from home is important and beneficial to both your physical health and mental health. Take a walk halfway through your day, or schedule a physical activity before or after your work day. 

Get Dressed.

You’ve heard this one before, but it’s crucial for a reason. The act of dressing yourself for your day acts as a shift for your mindset. It changes your mental zone from relaxation to work time. 

Give yourself grace.

If you are not used to working from home, you’ll find that there will be a learning curve. Show yourself grace and patience during this time. As you navigate what works and does not work, you’ll see the beauty in remote work. You are in control of your own flow – use that to your advantage!

Check In.

Like in a coaching session, it’s important to check in with your group/client. In this same space, learn to check in with yourself, and what your intentions are for the day. Ask yourself those quintessential coaching questions – What do you need to achieve this goal? 

Set an Agenda.

Just as we check in with ourselves, we should check in with what’s on our plate for the day. Staying organized and setting small, achievable goals will help motivate you and boost your productivity throughout the day. 

Make time to connect.

Whether with your friends or your coworkers, be sure to connect with others a few times throughout the day. Connection fuels feelings of belonging and normalcy. If navigating through remote work is new for you, connection with others will help maintain some of that normalcy. 

There is a unique beauty in remote work. You are given the power and opportunity to create your own work space and work within your own boundaries. Craft the perfect space for yourself, and you’ll flourish.

Have any more tips for those working from home? Share them in the comments down below!

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