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Recipe for Wellness with Leigh Copeland

July 09, 2020 by John Andrew Williams

Recipe for Wellness with Leigh Copeland

A Recipe for Wellness with Leigh Copeland

We were thrilled to have a conversation with CTEDU Wellness Graduate, Leigh Copeland.

Leigh was born in Alabama but grew up in Georgia. She always felt the world was bigger than the small town she was living in and grew more into herself when she moved to Atlanta for college. She now has her own coaching practice. Watch the interview with CTEDU, Co-Founder, John Williams, as they discuss why Leigh became a life coach, her actualizing her vision recordings from the course and how learning her strengths helped her grow as a person.

Where can you find Leigh?

On Instagram @leighcopelandwellnesscoaching and on Facebook @Leigh Copeland Wellness Coaching

And on her website: leigh-copeland.com

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