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Maria Sofia Palmieri Grad Story

August 06, 2021 by Coach Training EDU

Get to know CTEDU Wellness Life Coach Graduate through her bio and Grad Story below.

“My name’s Maria Sofia Palmieri. I’m a 28-year-old Italian girl, and I was born and grew up between Rome and Milan. At nine years old, I discovered my passion and decided that I would be an actress. 

Aside from this dream, I spent a lot of my childhood and my high school years being insecure, even though I had this big aim of becoming an actress. I used to suffer a lot for lack of self-confidence, and I was bullied and mocked at school. As I grew up, my beauty slowly started to bloom, and even if I stuck to feeling insecure, I started taking charge of my life and of my dream. 

When I was nineteen, I enrolled in a Drama Academy in Rome. I spent eight years preparing myself as an actor, and I began performing on stage with small productions. At 24 years, I got my first role in a feature film. Then, I spent one year studying at Lee Strasberg Institute in LA. Once I came back in Rome, I went through a painful love relationship. After  this break up, I decided to take charge of myself and my internal struggles. So, I started going to therapy for three years, and this really changed my life completely.

I started really loving myself, being respectful to myself, and recognizing my value. It was three years ago that I’ve decided beside therapy to go into personal development. I started reading several books on this topic from authors such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Richard Bandler. This brought me a profound sense of improvement and enrichment to my life, and I wanted to help others to do the same. That’s why decided to become a life coach.

I enrolled in CTEDU Coach Training and it really fueled me. It gave me fire in my belly. I’ve met such amazing trainers and a beautiful staff that really supported my journey. They gave the structure to put in practice all the things that I have inside of me that I didn’t how to share it in a professional way before. 

I’m starting my business, bringing coaching in Fitness. I’m bringing my Group coaching combined with workout, integrating fitness workout and mental workout to Gyms and Fitness Centers. Plus, I’m trying to bring coaching combined with Positive Psychology at Universities and neuroscience centers, both in Europe and the US. It’s a beautiful journey, and what my aim in coaching really is, is giving peace, serenity, and safety to individuals, because I know when we’re feeling safe, we can give our best.” – Maria Sofia Palmieri

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