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Leadership Highlight: Andrew Dormus

February 23, 2021 by Coach Training EDU

Leadership Highlight: Andrew Dormus

Meet Andrew Dormus!

Andrew, Dean of Education & Trainer, has years of experience working with students helping them realize their strengths to become leaders. At CTEDU, he trains, advises people through the enrollment process and supports people throughout their life coaching journeys. Let’s get to know him.

Q: If you could give Mondays a mantra, what would it be?

A: Mondays are MINE! Mondays set the tone and bring focus for the rest of the week. My Mondays typically start Sunday night as I envision the week. 

Q: What is your core motivation style? How does this impact your work?

A: I am a type three, the doer! I would describe myself as competitive and a desire to be the best. That means I have an insatiable appetite to consistently improve my craft. 

Q: What is your favorite part about being a life coach?

A: My favorite part about being a life coach is when a client begins to recognize the power of their agency. A shift in that person occurs and they go from bystander to active participant in their life. 

Q: What are you most curious about when talking to new potential coaches?

A: When talking to new potential clients I am most curious about their definition of coaching and past experiences with coaching in general. Whether they have experienced life coaching or not before we are able to make great connections to what I actually do. 

Q: What interests do you have outside of work?

A: Outside of my work, I enjoy challenging myself mentally and physically. Physical fitness is important to me and great for stress relief. I enjoy running obstacle course races. Races are a metaphor for life. Every race that I complete, I am kicking down another door to something I previously thought that I could not do.

Q: What is a behind-the-scenes snapshot of your day or life?

A: Grind-rinse-repeat! LOL! 

Q: What motivates you each day?

A: A quote from Tony Robbins: “Every day, work harder on yourself than anything else. ‘Cause if you become more intelligent, more valuable, more skilled, you can add more value to other people.”

Q: What is your favorite part about being a CTEDU Trainer?

A: My favorite part of being a CTEDU holding space is in which people not only develop themselves professionally, but improve personally. 

Q: What is your favorite coaching tool and why?

A: This is tough! Class participants have heard me say I have a top 5 of coaching tools. But, I’ll go with a sneaky one. I love the Bird’s Eye View. It’s a little tool that delivers big results. When a client is stuck in the weeds, it’s extremely helpful to be able to zoom out and discover what else they see. 

Q: If you could use three words to define your strengths, what would they be?

A: Relational, driven, and boisterous laughter! LOL!

Questions for Andrew? Let him know in the comments!

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