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Journey from Client to Coach with Andrew Petrillo

April 27, 2020 by John Andrew Williams

Join CTEDU Co-Founder John Andrew Williams and John’s longest running client, Andrew Petrillo, for a conversation on Andrew’s journey from going through the program to now working with his own clients, and how he landed a job that aligns with the values and passions he crafted in coaching sessions. 

View the audio transcript here: The Journey from Client to Coach Transcript

About Andrew:

Andrew Petrillo is a mechanical engineer for the Aerospace manufacturing industry, an academic life coach, and yoga teacher. He currently lives in Portland Oregon where he practices all of these professions. When Andrew was in high school, he went through the academic life coaching program as a client with John Williams. Looking back, this program was one of the most crucial pivotal points in his life where John helped him realize what his true potential was and how he could actually get there. With everything that Andrew does, he approaches it with passion, enthusiasm, and hard work. Since graduating from Gonzaga in May of 2018, Andrew has backpacked through South America to Patagonia, traveled around the US climbing mountains and walls, and has started a career at Precision Castparts in Portland Oregon engineering large titanium structural parts. He currently works for Hayden Lee as one of his Academic Life Coaches, in addition to teaching yoga at PDX Power Yoga.

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