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June 05, 2020 by Ashley Scott

Did you know? Coaching Pods are here – and they’re free! Coach Training EDU provides this virtual connection service for our coaches in training to coach members of our community outside of class.

CTEDU’s coaching pods are virtual groups where you can connect with coaches and practice outside of class, build your skills, and log paid coaching hours towards your ICF credentials! Connecting with these virtual groups as a part of your coach training can be incredibly beneficial, and the connection and bond you’ll form with those in your pod will only nourish your training and learning.

When you join a coaching pod, your pod will help you:

  1. Practice coaching outside of class
  2. Build confidence as a coach with different clients
  3. Log paid coaching hours towards your ICF credentials

If you’re a current coach in training or alumni and would like to join a coaching pod, please email support@coachtrainingedu.com!


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