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Helping Women Rise with Erica Penner

June 15, 2021 by John Andrew Williams

Erica Giselle is a Life & Leadership Coach who works with women navigating the push-pull of security and risk in their life and career. Her real job is to help women rise. Through coaching and with tools designed specifically for women, she supports ambitious women rise up without burning out.

Erica spent most of her childhood abroad, being born in Cairo and raised in the UK. She now resides in Portland.

Erica has always plunged into experiences that have expanded her repertoire of understanding human nature. She has taught prisoners, been on various activity councils, traveled throughout Europe teaching English, and completed yoga teacher training in Central America.

Watch the interview to learn more about her favorite coaching tools, the future of coaching and what led her to begin her life coaching journey in the first place.

Wondering how to connect with Erica?

On Instagram: @erica_giselle

Her website: www.ericagiselle.com

Or via email: connect@ericagiselle


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