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Graduate Stories: Darlene Fountaine

April 13, 2021 by Coach Training EDU

Graduate Stories: Darlene Fountaine

Darlene Fountaine, CTEDU Certified Academic Coach with an ACC through the ICF, focused on building relationships with parents and assisting with options for that nonexistent child manual. 

Her exceptional listening skills allow her to help people work through problems from a non-biased perspective. She assists people in gaining clarity in their belief systems and helps them find and use their resources. 

Darlene’s an advocate for social justice, and a long-time volunteer, serving communities in whatever way she can.

Darlene: “Once I graduated from college, that was when my volunteer work started. And what I wanted to do was help as many students as I could to not have the same experience I did in college. 

I wanted to make sure kids were as prepared as possible. And so, most of what I did was volunteer. And most of my volunteer work over the years has all been related to kids in one way or another. So over the years I’ve volunteered for all kinds of things.”

Watch Darlene’s full graduate story below!

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