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Fostering Awareness with Samantha Neyland

February 11, 2021 by Coach Training EDU

Samantha Neyland, CTEDU Certified Wellness Coach, is dedicated to fostering awareness and forward momentum in the lives of her clients as well as in her community.

As a coach, Samantha works with teen girls and young adult women to tackle their insecurities and take control of their personal journeys. 

As a community member, Samantha is currently using her platform as a former, and first-ever African American, Miss Hawaii USA to lead the effort to make June 19th (Juneteenth Independence Day) an official Day of Remembrance in the State of Hawaii.

Learn more about Samantha and her life’s work in an interview with John Andrew Williams below!

Connect with Samantha!

On Instagram: @samanthaneyland

On her website: www.samanthaneyland.com

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