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Coaching to Flourish Season 2 Episode 40

October 12, 2022 by Steve Baker

Coaching to Flourish Season 2 Episode 40

In Coaching to Flourish Season 2 Episode 40, our hosts Coach Training EDU Founder John Andrew Williams and CTEDU Assessor and Master Coach Raj Anderson answer your coaching questions regarding professional liability insurance, how relationship coaching differs from team coaching, the new CTEDU Practice Client Directory, the upcoming CTEDU Coaching Directory, and how client’s uncertain about coaching can approach the decision to hire a life coach.

Get the answer to these life coaching questions!

I feel like I’m completely lost and am considering hiring a life coach.  How do I decide what things I need to focus on?
Do coaches need some type of professional liability insurance?
Is there a difference between a relationship coach and a team coach?
Can you tell us about the CTEDU Practice Client Directory?
How does the upcoming CTEDU Coaching Directory and the new Practice Client Directory fit in with your bigger purpose for coaching?

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