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Coaching to Flourish Live Season 2, Episode 24

In Coaching to Flourish Season 2, Episode 24, our hosts Coach Training EDU founder John Andrew Williams and CTEDU Assessor and Master Coach Raj Anderson discuss the topic many new coaches struggle with – coaching the client and not the problem.

Coaching to Flourish - Takeaways

Great Takeaways & Sidebars:

  • Explore who your coaching questions are for.
  • Information gathering and its impact on the client. 


On what coaching is, John describes it this way,There is an empowerment basis. The number one thing is a coach offers a client their curiosity. To get curious about the client’s internal geography, that internal landscape, and when that happens, insights, brilliancies come to the surface. That’s what the client will use to develop action.” – John (13:47)


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