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Coaching to Flourish Live Season 2, Episode 22

Live Questions and Answers

Coaching to Flourish Live, Season 2, Episode 22, your hosts, Coach Training EDU™ co-founder John Andrew Williams and Associate Provost Ashley Scott, discuss the difference between solitude and loneliness, dealing with perfectionism, and some of the most powerful questions they've been asked.

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What is the difference between solitude and loneliness?
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How can coaching help my perfectionism?
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Coaching to Flourish - Takeaways

Great Takeaways & Sidebars:

  • The effectiveness of "distinction questions".
  • How the current education system contributes to the issue of perfectionism.
  • The most powerful questions our hosts have ever been asked.


"Solitude can be a really cool space for imagination, connection to self, to a higher power, to those around you when you take that time for yourself. Solitude is a really important daily practice for me. I can feel it, and it makes a really big difference when I don't incorporate that into what I'm doing." - Ashley (4:37)

On the difference between solitude and loneliness, John describes it this way, "Solitude feels like you're actually seeking it out.  It feels like an intentional space. Whereas loneliness, I think it has more to do with connection." (5:37)

Speaking on perfectionism and getting curious about it, Ashley observes, "There is freedom in knowing we're human and we're going to make mistakes. It's even in curiosity with the mistakes as well. So, if you go for something and it doesn't work out [ask] what are you learning about yourself. How do you use it to grow and to learn?" (11:15)

On moving beyond perfectionism in your work, John states, "When you're building your own practice [or starting any company or project] you have to be kind to yourself and focus on the larger mission of what you're after." (15:15)

"There is a lot of "being with" in the coaching world.  What I mean by that is bringing awareness to something. The coaching model trusts that awareness and curiosity will do much of the heavy lifting. When that is present other things follow." - John(22:08)

"Imagine, right now, everything in your life, even all the painful parts, is exactly as it needs to be. It's an art. Your life is a museum of art, and you're looking at things. Yes, there needs to be a new curation, but it can be planned, thoughtful, honoring, life-giving. When we visit museums, we don't try to change the art . . . you appreciate what is there. I feel like coaching does that." - John (22:58)


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