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Coaching to Flourish Live Season 2, Episode 15

Live Questions and Answers

Welcome to Coaching to Flourish Live Season 2, Episode 15! CTEDU Associate Provost Ashley Scott and CTEDU Assessor and Master Coach Raj Anderson dive into discussions on the value of life coach training and career pursuit, navigating community and relationships during controversial and confusing times, and briefly discuss aromatherapy in the coach setting. They also share personal stories of how they came to life coaching and other insights they’ve gained from a life rich in curiosity and self-exploration.

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Coaching to Flourish Live Season 2, Episode 15
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Get the answer to these questions!

Why pursue a life coaching career?
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What tips do you have for maintaining friendships and family relationships through controversial and confusing times?
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Can aromatherapy play a part in coaching sessions?
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Coaching to Flourish - Takeaways

Great Takeaways/Sidebars:

  • Importance of coaching in leadership
  • How the pandemic created opportunities and growth for the coaching industry
  • What coach training was like during the COVID lock-down
  • Ashley and Raj share their personal stories of how they discovered coaching
  • Understanding community and your relationships with others
  • Raj discusses a recent, purposeful, outside-her-comfort-zone-endeavor she took to push her own boundaries


If you’re considering becoming a life coach:

“Get a life coach yourself, and you’ll see how impactful and incredible that can be.” - Ashley (2:03)

On why to pursue a life coaching career:

“[There is that] transformation of self that I think takes place when you are on a life coaching journey and so, when we know ourselves, and we care and love ourselves, we know and care for others and have more curiosity for them. That piece of curiosity for self actually overflows into every other area, so I always think that is really beautiful – our own work we do on ourselves benefits everybody else.” - Ashley (2:11)

“One of the really beautiful things about going on a life coaching journey as a life coach is that your role in somebody else’s life is to empower them. Also, you’re empowering yourself by going on that journey of learning, and in return, it’s the cycle of empowering someone else.” – Ashley (2:39)

“There are so many reasons, really positive reasons, to step into [a life coaching career] because of the growth that it allows and welcomes you into; and you’re going to be changed by doing a life coaching program. There is so much you learn. So much you learn about yourself.” – Ashley (3:18)

“Life coaching? Why do it? Because your world is going to be rocked! And you’re going to come out a truer version of yourself. You are beautiful as you are right now, but there is more to all of us that we don’t even realize yet. The life coach journey can unveil a lot of that for us. And it just makes the world a better place when we’re curious and kind and more empathetic to the people that are around us.” – Ashley (4:08)

“I think even if people aren’t training to be a life coach specifically for it to be a career, I think it is really important that all leaders have coaching skills. I think, a bit like the saying, it increases self-awareness. It increases emotional intelligence, and I think leadership starts with self first.” - Raj (7:14)

“When we have more leaders who are less about command and control and more about collaboration, they’re actually going to build more resilience and resourcefulness within the people they lead and manage.” – Raj (7:35)

“Be curious with others. I think, especially with there being a lot of opposition in thought and beliefs right now, curiosity is so powerful because we can sometimes create our own stories on what is happening or what somebody might believe because of what they said. So if there is a relationship that you really want to sustain, but you have different views, ask questions. Get to know where they are coming from. There is the opportunity to be curious and still love others even with opposing views and thoughts on things.” – Ashley (17:15)

“When you understand yourself, and are curious about yourself and curious about others, it gives you an open door to relate and connect with people that might not be on the same journey as you or might have different views and thoughts. There is something so exciting and incredible about being in a relationship with people that maybe don’t have the same viewpoints that you do . . . there is a lot of love and empathy, and care and curiosity that is beckoning us with other people that maybe don’t align with us fully on everything.” – Ashley (18:57)


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