Coaching to Flourish Live Season 1, Episode 49

December 08, 2021 by Steve Baker

In this Coaching to Flourish Live, your host Coach Training EDU™ founder, John Andrew Williams, answer the following coaching questions:

  1. What has coaching taught me about people in general?
  2. What are some tips for cultivating a healthy mindset?
  3. How do I utilize Hope Theory in my own coaching practice?

Watch the full Coaching to Flourish Live Session

Coaching to Flourish Live Q&A 12.7.2021

Powerful takeaways:

  • John explores the growth journey with his own story.
  • Explore the value of "interruption of thought".

"There are, in my experience in the business world, the business relationships that make it the most are the ones with open communication - where there is an understanding of where people are at on the heart-level, as well as the mind-level." – John

"When you start to become aware of that inner world, that space within us, that to me is one of the best experiences of humanity." – John 

"There is this element of momentum that comes up when you can at least get started on something that is hard. Just start it. You've won the day!" - John

"These periods of time when you connect with someone like this are deeply meaningful, and it's why a lot of people get into coaching." - John


About Coaching to Flourish Live Q&A Sessions:

Coach Training EDU™'s founder, John Andrew Williams, and CTEDU Assessor, Raj Anderson, host our weekly Coaching to Flourish Live Q&A Sessions. During these sessions, you can ask any coaching question on your mind and hear the answer right from our hosts!

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