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Coaching to Flourish Live Season 1, Episode 52

December 29, 2021 by Steve Baker

In this Coaching to Flourish Live, your hosts Coach Training EDU™ co-founder, John Andrew Williams, and CTEDU Associate Provost, Ashley Scott, answer the following questions:

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Coaching to Flourish Q&A LIVE SESSION (22)

Get the Answer:

  1. What can you share with us about “future self” as we move into 2022? (1:40)
  2. How would you help a new coach deal with feelings of imposter syndrome? (9:26)

Great takeaways:

  • Discover the concept of “positive fantasy”. 
  • Participate in an exercise for thinking/perspective-shifting.  
  • Discover the power of daily structures in cultivating change and a positive growth mindset.

Powerful quotes:

 “I just think casting a vision for ourselves is incredibly powerful, and we don’t do that very often. Typically, these transitions - the [new] year, the birthdays - I think that having a vision of our future self is really crucial to us meeting goals or moving forward and growing as a person. - Ashley (5:27)

“Wishing for a different future doesn’t mean there isn’t gratitude for the present.” – John (6:17)

“Something beautiful happens when you learn to listen empathetically.” – John (23:48)

Speaking on the importance of structures, Ashley states, “I know what time I need for each thing in order to feel successful before I start my workday.” (25:43)


About Coaching to Flourish Live Q&A Sessions:

Coach Training EDU™'s founder, John Andrew Williams, and CTEDU Assessor, Raj Anderson, host our weekly Coaching to Flourish Live Q&A Sessions. During these sessions, you can ask any coaching question on your mind and hear the answer right from our hosts!

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