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Coaching to Flourish Live Season 1, Episode 48

December 01, 2021 by Steve Baker

In this Coaching to Flourish Live Q&A, your hosts Coach Training EDU™ founder, John Andrew Williams, and Ashley Scott, CTEDU Associate Provost answer the following questions:

What exactly is positive psychology?

How can I set myself apart as a coach?

If you could hand a new coach a "perspective gift," what would that look like?

What can you tell us about the new National Health Board Certification?

Coaching to Flourish Q&A LIVE SESSION (17)

 Watch the full Coaching to Flourish Q&A Live Session

Powerful takeaways:

  • Discover how those things you would like to see different or changed in society can affect your coach marketing message.
  • Explore how to recognize and appreciate the value you bring to those around you.   

"I realized what I have honed as a coach, and why I love coaching, is that it allows me to stay curious. As a coach, I get to be 100% curious, 100% of the time, which I love." - John

"Think about what you would change, not just for one person, but for multiple people. You do that, and you start to craft a voice, you start to craft a message, you start to show up authentically on purpose. So many other decisions fall into place when you have that clarity of what you do for the world and clients will be attracted to that." – John

"I think a huge thing is understanding your own value as a coach, knowing your worth as a coach, and understanding that 'why'. What are you passionate about, and also, what makes you angry in the world? What do you want to see a change in? All those things really help you show up in a way that will naturally resonate with a group of people." – Ashley

"You can really set yourself apart by just being yourself and doing what you feel you're supposed to be doing. I think anytime you go off base and you're trying to coach something that doesn't feel right with you, people know it, and they feel it." – Ashley

"I've noticed a lot of coaches hold back because they don't understand what they can offer or what they do offer, and I think until we do understand our own value as a coach, we either try something that isn't us because we're trying to set ourselves apart and fit into something we believe coaching is supposed to be, or we hold ourselves back from what we are actually meant to do." – Ashley

"People need coaches. People need people who are going to be curious about their lives and want to know about them and empower them to find those answers." – Ashley

"Know your value. If you have a passion to serve people in a certain area, then you should be doing it." - Ashley

"When we understand our value, we're able to step into our purpose." – Ashley

"Understanding your value is actually going to create a bigger ripple effect on this planet in the time you have here." - Ashley 

"Step into it. It's good. Know yourself and be proud of that." - Ashley


About Coaching to Flourish Live Q&A Sessions:

Coach Training EDU™'s founder, John Andrew Williams, and CTEDU Assessor, Raj Anderson, host our weekly Live Q&A Sessions. During these sessions, you can ask any coaching question on your mind and hear the answer right from our founder!

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