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Coaching to Flourish Live Q&A 10 19 2021

October 19, 2021 by Steve Baker

Coaching to Flourish Q&A LIVE SESSION (9) Coaching to Flourish Live Q&A 10 19 2021

In this Coaching to Flourish Live Q&A, your hosts Ashley Scott, CTEDU Associate Provost, and CTEDU Assessor, Raj Anderson answer the following questions:

  1. What would you say is the most important part of a coaching session?
  2. How should I price my coaching packages?
  3. How do you get comfortable charging for your coaching services?


Powerful takeaways:


Explore the importance of the "Design the Alliance" concept in coaching.

In understanding how to price coaching packages: 

"Market analysis and research is something that I think is incredibly valuable. I don't think a lot of coaches do this, but this empowers a coach to know [the importance of] what they do, and maybe reach for more, or shift and see how they want to serve that community more with their coaching and their packages." - Ashley Scott

In terms of recognizing your value as a coach and becoming more comfortable with charging for your coaching services, begin with identifying the need:

"Be that person. Be that person for somebody. Somebody is waiting for you to step into your ability as a coach and welcome them into that space." - Ashley Scott 

Watch the full Coaching to Flourish Q&A Live Session


About Coaching to Flourish Live Q&A Sessions:

Coach Training EDU™'s founder, John Andrew Williams, and CTEDU Assessor, Raj Anderson, host our weekly Live Q&A Sessions. During these sessions, you can ask any coaching question on your mind and hear the answer right from our founder! 

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