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Coaching to Flourish Live Season 2, Episode 11

In this episode:

Coach Training EDU founder John Andrew Williams and CTEDU Assessor and Master Coach Raj Anderson host this episode of Coaching to Flourish Live. During this session, they discuss coaching concepts on managing client readiness, dealing with client resistance, and how much of yourself is it okay to bring into coaching sessions.

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The Question:

How do you manage client readiness?

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The Question:

How do you go deep with someone resistant or not used to looking deep within themselves?

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The Question:

How much of yourself can you bring into your coaching session?

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Coaching to Flourish - Takeaways

Great Takeaways:

  • Learning it is okay to let clients know when coaching may not be for them in the current situation.
  • Gain insight into how crafting questions and listening skills can aid in the client’s depth of self-discovery.
  • Dealing with small challenges when making significant transformations in your life.

Quotes to Ponder

“This work we are doing will have an impact not just here, but throughout the world, and to feel like we as coaches are playing a part in bringing kindness and empathy, and awareness of emotion to different parts of the world - it is real. It’s not theoretical.” - John (1:22)

“I think a lot of people are surprised at the coaching process because the problem [clients] usually come with is an opening, a beginning point, to explore other things that might be happening or coming up in the client’s life.” - John (3:30)

“Young people have been conditioned to answer adults with “I don’t know” because it keeps them safe.” - John (7:34)

“Are we looking at things through our own lens or perspective? What is deep for me is not the same level of depth for other people.” - Raj (14:14) 

“I think there can be a fatigue sometimes that sets in for people who aren’t used to this level [of depth work], or it feels unknown or feels unsettled with things coming up that they aren’t used to.” - John (14:40)

“Curiosity shows care.” - John (24:06)

“What are the reasons for me bringing myself [into a coaching session]? Is it really useful, or is it something I need for me, and I’ve pulled out of curiosity for the client in that moment. I have to hold that mirror up.” - Raj (25:01)


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