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Coaching to Flourish Live Season 2, Episode 10

In this episode:

Coach Training EDU founder, John Andrew Williams, and CTEDU Assessor and Master Coach Raj Anderson host this episode of Coaching to Flourish Live. During this session, they discuss concepts of bias in coaching, managing expertise while coaching, dealing with naysayers while pursuing your dreams, followed by a brief discussion on the difference between coaching, counseling and therapy.

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The Question:

What does ‘breaking the bias’ mean in coaching?

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The Question:

As a coach, how do you manage your own desire to be an expert or “fix it” for a client?

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The Question:

What’s the difference for you in coaching men versus women?

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The Question:

What would you say to someone trying to reach their dream goal, but friends or family naysayers are causing them to doubt themselves?

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The Question:

How does coaching differ from counseling or therapy?

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Coaching to Flourish - Takeaways

Great Takeaways

  • In honor of International Women’s Day, explore the theme #BreakTheBias in coaching.
  • Resilience in the face of negativity.
  • Mindfully surrounding and building your support system.

Quotes to Ponder

“In the coach training process, one of the things we do is help people to become aware of their own filters they use to listen.” – John (2:27)

“What coaching does is it helps us become aware of the filters and perspectives that most people aren’t even aware that they have.” – John (2:58)

“When we grow and become more aware – increasingly aware of the bias that we have – we open ourselves up to richer, kinder, more meaningful life experiences.” - John (3:57)

“I feel like there is a lot of work for humanity to do, but we have systems and structures to that work. There are pathways that people have taken and there are signposts that you can tell you’re on the path or not.” – John (7:07)

“We have to hold mirrors up to ourselves as coaches as we stretch and grow.” -Raj (7:41)

“I don’t want to get too comfortable in sameness or be bringing bias or assumptions into my coaching. It keeps me on my toes because I do have to adapt and flow and dance in a bit of a different way when I shift gears.” - Raj (8:32)

“It’s a strategic advantage for coaches to educate themselves in inclusion and diversity . . . not to mention the almost moral obligation to be a good human being to be aware of challenges other human beings face, and to bring empathy for everyone.” - John (11:33)

“Replace judgment with curiosity and find ever increasing ways to do that – that is the coaching journey.” – John (12:16)


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