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Coaching to Flourish Live Season 2, Episode 6

Live Questions & Answers

In this Coaching to Flourish Live, your hosts Coach Training EDU™ co-founder, John Andrew Williams, and CTEDU Director of Curriculum and Content, Britt Fulmer, discuss building a coaching business and answer other coaching questions.

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John Andrew Williams and Britt Fulmer for Coaching to Flourish Live
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The Question:

What inspired you to start your own coaching practice and later evolve that into the Coach Training EDU organization?

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The Question:

How did you grow your coaching business from a handful of clients to a steady stream of clients?

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The Question:

What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a coaching business?

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The Question:

What inspired the CTEDU Business Builder Course, and what are some of its benefits?

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Coaching to Flourish - Takeaways

Great Takeaways

  • Coaching Superpowers
  • Shifting from client gathering to providing client services (perspective shifting from hungry to feeding)
  • Discover the concept of Sunshine Networking
  • Organizational coaching versus private practice

Quotes to Ponder

"Life coach training does give you natural superpowers. Let me put it this way; it awakens the dormant superpowers within all of us. Those superpowers being active, empathetic listening, intuition, the ability to hear congruence, frameworks, perspective-shifting, increased awareness – there is a lot." - John

"The space of academic coaching is where you can go and talk through challenges without the assumption that there is something wrong with you or there is something broken." – John

"It's okay to ask for help. That's basically what networking is – asking for help." – John

"Let's roll up our sleeves and change the world. Let's get this done." - John Andrew Williams on bringing life coaching to the world.


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